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Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Event, Tuesday 2 Nov. 2016

09:10 – 10:00 Panel 1: Global Overview of Fuel Cells in the Transportation Sector. 

Why different countries deploy Fuel Cell vehicles in their transportation sector. This panel will discuss the regional drivers (the drivers for each country to enter FC-based transportation), world trends and outlook for the automotive industry regarding fuel cells and hydrogen fuels.

Moderator: Dr. Anat Bonshtien, Fuel Choices Initiative, Prime Minister's Office - Global overview. 

Dr. Klaus Bonhoff, Managing Director (Chair), NOW GmbH National Organization Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology, Germany

Dr. Sunita Satyapal, Director, Fuel Cell Technologies Office, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy U.S. Department of Energy

Eric Denhoff, President and CEO, Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

Eiji Ohira, Director, New Energy Technology Dept., New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

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