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Algae Art Technologies Ltd.

AlgaeArt developed a cleantech technology to feed Spirulina ponds with the RO concentrate. It integrates management of salty waters, disposal of concentrate and microalgae agriculture


Our technology can recycle carbon dioxide and convert it into natural gas (methane gas) by microorganisms. It allows us to use regenerated natural gas from captured CO2 in transportation instead of emitting it into the atmosphere.


Developing a set of ground breaking technologies and products in the cellulosic biofuels, industrial biology and industrial microbiology. The company has successfully demonstrated proof-of-concept for its novel technologies for degradation of cellulose into fermentable sugars and for development of improvement of industrial microorganisms.


Convert plastic into oil prducts

Designer Energy

Designer Energy is dedicated to enabling the green energy revolution. The portfolio of technologies unlocks the valuable sugars in renewable cellulosicbiomass that can be used to produce biofuels and biochemicals that can help reduce the world's reliance on petroleum.

E.M.SH Ng-Tech

E.M.SH Ng-Tech has developed a line of conversion kit products, and by installing them into existing and/or new vehicles, the vehicle work as Flex fuel (FFV's) vehicles, and can work on variety choices of liquid and gaseous fuels: 1. Methanol - up to M85; 2. Ethanol – up to E85; 3. Methanol or Ethanol & CNG, Propane, H2.

Eco Drive

Converting cars to LPG

Energtek Inc. (formerly Angstore)

Energtek Products Ltd is a subsidiary of the US based Energteck Inc. The company develops and commercializes Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technologies applying innovative low-pressure mobile transportation solutions for industrial consumers and fleets of small vehicles.


Engineuity Ltd. is developing an innovative process to produce standard Diesel fuel, that complies with EN590, from Natural Gas (CH4) and CO2. This is a considerably less expensive alternative to the Standard method of producing diesel from Crude Oil. The method can also be used as a substitute for liquification of methane by a cryogenic process.


Evofuel is engaged in the development and commercialization of high yielding castor bean seeds as a cost competitive, sustainable, second-generation feedstock for the growing biofuel market. The company has built its castor genetic assets based on a broad collection of over 300 castor lines from over 40 different geographic and climatic regions.


GenCell has developed a clean, robust and reliable emergency power backup platform based on fuel cell technology and nano-technological processes. GenCell’s technology is based on nano-technological and chemical processes.

GNE Global Natural Energy Ltd.

algae-tech company that utilizes unique commercial systems to grow algae for “Green” fuel, human consumption, and animal feed.

Green City Urban Recycling
Kaiima Agro-Biotech Ltd.

Kaiima Agro-Biotech dramatically increases crop productivity by using its EPTM technology. High-Impact Food, and the Environment. EPTM is applied by multiplying the plant's genome without damaging its DNA - it is rapid and its products are not transgenic.

Kenaf Green Industries / Kenaf Fibers Biocomposites

Develop knowledge & technology for Kenaf growing, processing as raw materials for industrial uses & applications

NewCO2fuels Ltd.

NewCO2fuels (NCF) is developing a solar-driven system that dissociates CO2 and converts it at high efficiencies into competitive cost fuel. The core technology is a solar energy driven, high temperature CO2 and water dissociation which produces synthetic gas, from which different synthetic fuels can be produced. The company's product uses a proprietary technology, generating liquid fuels or electricity, by using solar energy and CO2 emissions and water as feedstock.


NrgStorEdge Ltd is a start-up, based on patented Energy Storage Technology for safe and inexpensive use in Zero-emission Hydrogen-powered vehicles.


Olivebar is a biomass fuel company focusing on development of energy products from high grade biomass. It processes olive pomace, grape pomace and a variety of types of wood and grass. It uses only organic materials in its production process, originating from agriculture waste and residues from the food production industry. It utilizes a meager amount of energy achieving minimal carbon footprint in its products and in its production process.

Primus Green Energy

Primus Green Energy is focused on the development of alternative drop-in fuels from readily available domestic resources such as natural gas and biomass. Primus’ proprietary technology produces gasoline, jet fuel, diesel and aromatic chemicals that are cost-competitive with petroleum-based products without subsidies. Primus’ fuels require no engine modifications or changes to the fuel delivery infrastructure.

RonGo Biofuels

The company develops a roubst microbial-based platform for 2nd generation bio-ethanol production.

Rosetta Green Ltd.

Rosetta Green develops improved plant traits for the agriculture and biofuel industries, using unique genes called microRNAs. The company specializes in the identification and use of these unique genes that function as "main bio-switches" to control key processes in major crops such as corn, wheat, rice, soybean, cotton, canola and algae. Combining computational biology, molecular biology, plant tissue culture, plant transformation and high throughput trait screening, we identify the most promising microRNAs that could potentially be used to improve key plant traits in major crops.


Seambiotic focuses on growing and processing marine microalgae using an innovative ecologically based, environmental system. This process can produce biofuel by channeling smokestack carbon dioxide emissions through pools of algae that clean it. The growing algae thrives on the added nutrients, and become a useful biofuel. Another feature of this process is the production of polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) EPA and DHA from the microalgae. The PUFA such as EPA and DHA, together with other fatty acids constitute a group called omega-3, which is a nutritional supplement.

TransAlgae Ltd.

TransAlgae develops and cultivates a variety of enhanced algae possessing high value products for the growing animal health markets. The company's innovative (patent pending) technology platform harnesses algae as cell factories for the production of customized or off-the-shelf bio-molecules. The platform enables the development of dried algae, engineered to contain enzymes, active molecules, vaccines or other proteins to be orally delivered to target organisms.


TransBiodiesel develops biocatalyst substitutes to replace chemical catalysts, presently used for production of biodiesel fuels. The company has developed and patented a new immobilized enzyme biocatalyst which is more energy efficient, cheaper & greener than the conventional chemical catalyst presently used in the production of biodiesel fuel.


BioPetrol has developed a patented process for producing usable synthetic crude oil from sewage sludge and other biomass feedstock. The company is developing a process that synthesizes two different systems, resulting in a higher production of fuel oil. The end result is the on-site reduction of dry sludge volume from 100% to 5%. BioPetrol will give wastewater treatment plants (WTP) an environmentally sound and cost-effective sludge conversion system.

UniVerve Ltd.

The company has developed a complete, stable and sustainable process for providing profitable microalgae-biomass as feedstock for biofuel, food and feed.

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