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BAZZ® is a safe connectivity platform which provides fleet enterprise an online safe communication with its employees. The platform enables companies to stay on-line with their employees while they are driving, by enabling the driver to hear and send any text and voice message in a fluent process and 100% hands-free.


Touch screen that installed in the motorcycle or on the bicycle handle bar. This screen showes you all the neccecery information you need like navigation, massages and incoming call. A uniqe feature embedded indicate about proximity of srounding usign sensors

Bio Guard Components and Technologies

BioGuard is a leading developer of innovative, proprietary biometric solutions for a wide variety of applications. Operating as stand-alone systems or as part of a network, the Bio ID Management™ platform is a strong multi-factor identification server, integrating palm vein authentication, facial recognition, fingerprint identification, and voice recognition in a single product.

Caaresys developed a passenger monitoring system for the future cockpit. By monitoring the location, health conditions and state of each vehicle occupant, we can minimize the effect of human factor and save thousands of lives. Website

Crowd-sourcing solution to provide a reliable safety and comfort index. an effective means for parents and employers to monitor the safety of their carrier and at the same time raise awareness of bus passengers to their right to travel safely.

Early Sense

Embedded in the driver's chair - sys to masure vialt signs

EVE Technologies
Eve was founded with the vision to use autonomous technology to reduce deaths and injuries in automobiles. Its first product, Athena, is a sophisticated patented simple-to-use in-cabin sensing, notification and reactionary product. Its designed to eliminate deaths resulting from (unsafe cabin conditions for driver's and) children left in hot cars, through detection that is independent of line-of-sight and weight-sensing. The product is compatible with cars on the road now and Eve is pursuing both B2C and OEM markets. Website
EyesUp Mobile

EyesUp has developed a lifesaving B2B solution to the ever increasing catastrophe of text-while-driving.

Foretellix addresses the largest barrier to deployment of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) with the industry’s  only ‘GigaScale’ intelligent verification solution, enabling OEMs, Tier1s, developers, regulators and consumers. Only Foretellix combines verification scalability with measurable quality.
Forretellix’s solutions is a proven formula for Intelligent Verification Including a Framework, Intelligent Verification Tools and Scenario IP.  The solution offers scalability to Verify AVs with Billions of Meaningful Scenarios, with Measurable Quality from the Industry’s Only Coverage Driven Approach Foretellix’s founders have proven record in solving the Integrated Circuits Verification problem and are using proven technology to do it again.

Good2Go, has developed a device to prevent drivers from using apps which distract them from driving.


We have developed an intuitive "no need to look" smartphone usage experience, using touch (i.e. physical buttons) and voice activated interface.

Mibo Traccident

Developing apps, to tracks your driving and it identifies situations when an accident might happen.

Neteera Technologies
Neteera is a Jerusalem-based start-up which has developed a unique, disruptive CMOS based 140GHz micro-radar system for in-cabin Human Vital Signs Monitoring & Occupancy Detection. The company was founded in 2015 by a group of former Mobileye executives who recognized an unmet need in the market, the ability to accurately, safely and reliably detect the human wellbeing status in a contact-free, private and reliable manner. Website

Infrared imaging systems and advanced vision and surveillance solutions.

Rail Vision

Rail Vision specialized in automated early warning systems of obstacles, enabling the driver react to the track condition.


The Rubidium RSV speaker identification/verification series consists of low cost, single-chip voice password biometric chips, enabling mass-market products to identify or authenticate users by their voices announcing the password they selected. With a small footprint and a low-cost design, the RSV series is an excellent solution for affordable and effective biometric identification and authentication on any consumer and mass market device.

Safe Distance

adds the speed information in units of meters per second on excising speedometer. The perpose is to improve the driver ability and visualize the vihecal movment on the road

Safe Lane

App that allows volunteers to document traffuc offenses in a secure and safe way in order to increasw the deterrence of committing severe trrafic offenses

SafeMode provides safety solution aiming to reach an absolute safe driving - both for human drivers and autonomous cars using AI, Big Data and Behavioral economics techniques. Website

Saver1 prevents the use of applications that risk the driver while driving (texting, browsing etc.), thus eliminating the Texting While Driving (TWD) global problem.


An app to provide a total solution for silencing your phone for every occasion.


Braking the car by applying vacuum. We have a method for sustaining the vacuum long enough for the braking process to complete.


Sunset, solution for the sun glare and radiation problems that drivers are coping with. Sunset is a car accessory that attaches to the car sun visor and extends the range of sun protection


Trackimo is small, accurate, device to monitor your car while you away. Its sends real-time information to smartphone and equipped with an accelerometer, to know if its moving

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