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AFC Technologies Ltd.

AFC Technologies patented technology aims to reduce fuel consumption by 7-10% for heavy vehicles by improving aerodynamic efficiency,

enVerid Systems

enVerid Systems develops energy saving technology for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. the solution remove CO2, VOCs and all other trace contaminants from circulating air in commercial and public buildings, reducing the need for outside air, thereby lowering energy consumption and cutting electricity costs.

Galileo wheel

Galileo Wheel has developed tire technology. When the surface is rough and unstable, the tire rides flatter covering more surface, like a track, the solid belt tread under tractors, military vehicles, and the like.


Develops tire monitoring solutions for drivers, vehicle fleets, enterprise and government. Comprised of a hand-picked and technologically proven team of scientists, software developers and engineers.

Nexus Systems

Nexus provides high-performance electric motion and propulsion solutions to aerospace and industrial customers. We specifically cater to customers that require high quality, high performance and compact-size solutions, offering them innovative products and custom-made solutions.

Solar Paint

Turn any surface into a solar panel. SolarPaint is a 3rd generation solar cell technology. The paint absorbs solar radiation and converts it to electricity for application on any outdoor real-estate or infrastructure (e.g. walls, roofs, roads).

WaterFuel system

WaterFuel Systems Company is developing technology that helps to increase the fuel burning efficiency of internal combustion engines. Our systems produce hydrogen from water by using the electrical power that already available on all cars.

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