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Roadside community assistance

Carlink Connect

Carlink is a platform that bridges gaps between service providers and users' needs by connecting them via a smart personal assistant. Carlink's goal is to create a virtual community and be a source of information for connecting people, vehicles and everything in between.


Engie is a free smartphone application that tracks your car's condition and diagnoses malfunctions. The app provides a real-time solution by offering bids from mechanics nearby, sorted by price and quality. Engie connects to the vehicle via a Bluetooth device (OBD-II) that plugs under the dashboard.


Fulltank allows you to receive cheapest fuel stations in a configurable distance from your location, and receive the closest fuel stations from your location.


GreenOn is developing a mobile app that encourages people to use green transportation. GreenOn recognizes the way users travel and rewards for using "greener" and more economical transportation.

HopOn (Adom Intelligent Transport Ltd)

HopOn is a mobile payment and ticketing platform for the public transport. HopOn developed a unique, low cost solution that can be integrated fast and easily to public transport operators.


A patent pending solution that increases driver safety while enhancing driving experience by turning the mobile phone from a distraction to a powerful driver assistant.

Karz Software Technologies

Karz provides Smartphone App, which provides a well-documented effective and Visual Objective Feedback on driving behaviors.


MobiWize specializes in on-board data mining and intelligence infrastructure of vehicle-driver-road systems. uses data from vehicle computers, sensor technologies and digital maps in combination with sophisticated data mining and signal processing algorithms that cross-reference different information sources and create new “Virtual Sensors” offering intelligence with unmatched data accuracy.


MoniDriver is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice.With the build-in voice assistant you can play music,provide information, news, traffic, weather, and more.All you have to do is ask Moni. MoniDriver is an open platform for connecting cars and also compatibility with IoT services and devices. Instantly upgrade any car and making it more efficient, safer and fun.


The application allow bus passengers to get back their deserved change directly by scanning the payment receipt with a smartphone, at buses automatic payment machine


Radmo is an ultra-durable mount for mobile, mini-tablet, and GPS devices. Radmo fits into the car's CD player. It is adjustable for any phone size up to mini-tablets. Users can use the mount with a disc inserted into the CD player. The mount requires no connectivity capabilities.


Reducing potential errors and driver distraction by providing an additional touchpad conveniently on the steering wheel which would work in unison with a HUD to enable superior infotainment control and driver awareness, all while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.


TankU's technology integrates between the diverse systems inside the forecourt and the customers' smartphones, to create a quick and convenient "one button" automated refueling process. TankU does not require any installation of hardware on fuel dispensers, thus allowing fast, simple and cheap implementation process.


TruckerSam was created to provide social community platform with advanced communication tools for the truck driver.

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