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Axilion LTD (green wave)

Axilion develops software solutions for the traffic engineering field. TransEm software seeks to shortening bus trip time by up to 50%, reduce smaller buses/trams fleets while maintaining service frequency due to shorter round trips.


Bikeable is an Android application for biking in Tel Aviv. Cyclists can use the app to identify the optimal route to their destination. The App provides the nearest Tel-O-Fun bicycle stations to the user's origin and destination, and to display the amount of bicycles at each station.


Provides a complete location and mobility solutions for smart cities and mobile carriers by using big data analytics over cellular data. Cellint’s solutions track all active phones in the network, passively and anonymously, to the exact street they are traveling on, pinpointing their exact location on that route in short intervals.


Smart Traffic Management System Traffix is system that manages and schedules vehicles relative the traffic lights In harmony, and much more than that

Citygraph access

We have developed the only available Cloud based interactive transportation accessibility data generator! It calculates and displays accessibility from single block to the whole metropolis and vice versa - all within seconds


Comroads is a geolocation based video site. We make use of all the valuable information available from dash cam videos in order to help us understand what's really happening on the roads in order to make them safer for all of us.

Decell Technology

provider of premium road traffic information and services, such as real-time, historical and predictive travel speeds, vehicle volumes, speed profiles, and origin-destination matrixes. Decell analyze and integrate different types of raw location data from anonymous cellular data, GPS data, and 3rd party sources.

Dynamic Curbs

System that improve traffic flow in cities, by smart, virtual variation of curb colors which define the role of street lanes. Statistics of traffic volumes define critical lanes as either driving paths, public transportation track or parking slots. The system account for other municipal considerations such as public needs, holidays, events and regulation. In practice, the curb color (lane role) and due changes will be presented to the end user via smartphone app


EfoBus is a mobile application that lists of all the buses that arrives to near by stations. It allows the users to plan their route and decide which bus to take

Eyeways Systems

EyeSpace 4D, Eyeways' unique 4D Object-Based Scene Analysis technology is a novel method for understanding a scene, and for extracting high-precision, application specific information from it. This includes geometric (3D position, dimensions), temporal (changes, appearance and disappearance, trajectory), and classification (object type, motion type) information.

Galileo Satellite Navigation

GSN develops products for civil GNSS/GPS market. GSN technology can be adopted into mobile phones, handheld devices, vehicle information systems, telecommunications, meteorology, marine, location based security, timing devices and many more applications. GSN offers a software GPS solution that enables device manufacturers to add GPS to a range of products; and a GNSS high dynamics simulator for the most complicated research and engineering applications

Gilat Satellite Networks

Gilat is a leading provider of products and services for satellite-based broadband communications. RaySat low-profiles antennas offer commercial transportation vehicles the ability to easily upgrade entertainment systems with live TV channels and even offer individual in-seat channels


An app that collects drivers locations and speeds, use big-data algorithms to calculate this recommended speed and announce it to the driver using auditory feedback.

Hi-Tech Solutions (HTS)

Hi-Tech Solutions is a global provider of image processing and intelligence solutions. our products serve as core technology enablers for automation of parking revenue and control systems, traffic management, as well as security, access control and other logistics systems

Idan Computers

Idan Computers Ltd. is a well-established software company providing image analysis, computer-assisted design, and 3-D modeling tools.


Intellicon develops an adaptive traffic signal control system based on smartphones and V2X communication, providing real-time and accurate operation of traffic signals with the ability to adjust to different situations on the road, while providing comprehensive traffic-data to drivers through a dedicated mobile navigation application.

IonTerra is the clear leader in “Real-time Raw Data and Sensor Fusion” essential for the driverless car revolution. IonTerra’s leading innovative and robust all-in-one real-time Computer Vision Analysis platform (rtCVITM) offers several layers of data analysis, monitoring, and fusion of sensors of autonomous driving using its deterministic proprietary technology, which is not using Deep Learning.
The rtCVITM platform
Is a software only solution - agnostic to sensor’s resolution, type and model, using very low computing resources and thus can easily be deployed onto any autonomous vehicle platform.
Contains an Artificial Intelligence engine (Morpheus) that uses IonTerra’s but also the car other solutions results, allowing the platform to offer a completely new level of self-learning and thus shorten the path into fully autonomous driving, also applicable to ADAS.
Offers reliable driving, autonomous parking, 3D mapping, 3D scene modelling and many more.

IPgallery’ Smart Transportation solutions provide holistic service logic and exclusive dashboard offering unified views supporting daily operations and execution of expected as well as unexpected transportation events and activities efficiently

Magna BSP

Magna developed system based on 3D cameras and sophisticated algorithm with the abilities to distinction between people and animals, pre-alerts by suspicious movements, an automatically learning system, high filtering ability and more.

Make my day

Make My Day is a location-based app determines the optimal route for multiple errands, based on businesses' distance from the user and each other, queue length, working hours, parking, and traffic.

Mer Group

Transportation solutions include traffic management, automated parking and driving rule enforcement, and intelligent control centers for public transportation.

Mobility Insight

Mobi will analyze data, predict traffic and provide Transportation Management Entities and end-users with solutions to optimize real-time and future mobility.


Moovit is a real time app with everything you need to ride public transit smarter. By combining transport data with live inputs from the crowd, Moovit gives commuters a complete real-time snapshot of what their trip will be like and suggests the fastest, most comfortable routes.


MyRoute a proprietary multiple steps œplan ahead  algorithm which has proved to result in a significant reduction of cost and time in the delivery/service markets in thousands of real life conditions.


Off road navigation for bike

Nooly Micro Weather

Nooly presents a patented solution that offers a number of features that enable GPS navigation providers to use minute-by-minute accurate weather conditions when providing service, subsequently with improved user value and increased safety


OriginGPS is a world leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of miniaturized GNSS modules, antenna modules and antenna solutions. OriginGPS introduces unparalleled sensitivity and noise immunity by incorporating its proprietary Noise Free Zone technology for faster position fix and navigation stability even under challenging satellite signal conditions.


We are developing novel paradigms (algorithms) aimed in pedestrian navigation. They will be implemented in client-server software architecture, and integrated in location based devices people use, such as smart-watch/phone.


App for social public usage, which count all ingoing and outgoing passengers on every bus or train stop in oeder to give the transportation company pic of actual uses of ongoing busses.

safe green

A traffic management system for producing a personal instruction to each of the drivers


Our system will be used by project companies and city municipalities in order to examine the worth of executing a smart city project. Our navigation core will navigate drivers with no clustering and will be used by current projects and future projects.

Step Hear Ltd.

Step-Hear Ltd develops and markets innovative assistive technologies for equal accessibility for everyone. Its technologies include sensors and alert systems in public areas and at business locations that streamline assistance for the visually-impaired as well as people with strollers or using wheelchairs.


Traffix is system that manages and schedules vehicles relative the traffic lights In harmony


trendIT’s platform is a unique, innovative analytics solution designed to accurately measure and determine demographic trends.


Our technology use historical and current data to predict traffic patterns.

USMART project

USMART project envisages developing a suit of novel smart mobility services (iServices) based on mobile technology, that will support city residents and visitors to reach their final destination in the most efficient and suitable way using public and private transportation means.


Valerann developing smart road solutions to identify and alert on potential hazards, traffic jams and much more.

Visionmap LTD

VisionMap is a leading provider of digital automatic aerial survey and mapping systems. Their innovative data acquisition and data processing system optimizes mapping work and creates new opportunities.

Visual Process

Visual Process is leveraging on the wealth of data available through the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to surface early operation abnormalities that may relate to cyber, maintenance or other causes, and allow the transportation operator take corrective action long before an actual catastrophe takes place.


Combining several learning algorithms and real time data, we are able to predict the time and location of road accidents without requiring the customer to install expensive sensors and to generate a preliminary alert up to 30 minutes before the accident occurs.

Waze (Google)

Waze is a community-based traffic & navigation app.


The urban navigation app, helps users make conscios transportation chices based on their preferences.

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