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Bringg is a SaaS and mobile based platform that enables your business to manage deliveries in a smart, frictionless way so your customers never again wait unknowingly for their delivery.


buzzr is bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds, turning logistics from an obstacle to an accelerator of e-commerce growth.


Our company provides an all-in-one solution for freight shippers and carriers. Our solutions includes fast, automated load matching based on location and equipment; route planning and shipment tracking; algorithm-based instant pricing; and seamless proof-of-delivery, billing and payment.

Cellocator Division - Pointer Telocation Ltd

Real-time Locating Systems provide vehicle information for multipale uses. RTLS systems analytics allows to build more flexible and accurate relationship between customer and supplier


Delivero connect the right delivery person to the relevant business using a Gett-like app and web interface. Our service offers an attractive pricing model, improves availability and transparency and enables package tracking, reviews and delivery confirmation.

DriveWay Software

Driveway is a smartphone-deployed, cloud-based technology that provides auto insurers with comprehensive insured driving data for better pricing intelligence.

E-Drive Technology

E-Drive offers automotive telematics solutions, including FleetLog, an on board computerized fleet management system that integrates fleet control functions, such as vehicle security, event analysis and control, vehicle event location, black box accident analysis, etc.

Engie's technology provides fault diagnostics and maintenance information in a simple way, to make car repairs easy and efficient. With Engie's solution, cars are connected to all the service providers, allowing the future autonomous fleets to be simply and automatically maintained, electric cars remotely diagnosed and all car services accessed in a seamless and transparent way. Website
Fish Bus

Bus information about the passengers in the next stop.


Gasngo Ltd is a technology and service company offering the ultimate answer to fleet needs. Its comprehensive fleet control system allows fleet managers to view and control all fleet activity, transactions and maintenance online and in real-time.


Our platform automatically collects real time data on the waste pickup process, allowing cities to monitor it at a single waste bin resolution. Pickup time, location, and weight data is collected providing a powerful set of analytics. Reports can be generated on demand and automatic alerts can be configured to allow proactive control over the waste pickup process.

GreenRoad Driving Technologies

GreenRoad is a leader in driver performance and safety management for fleets and other organizations. The unique GreenRoad Driver Improvement Loop uses technology-based, personalized driver self-improvement to immediately transform driving culture and deliver the best drivers on the road.


A leader in image processing based solutions, delivering value added vehicle data for revenue control, automation and security applications. our products serve as core technology enablers for automation of parking revenue and control systems, traffic management, as well as for security, access control and other logistics systems.


Ituran offers mobile asset location, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, management & control services for vehicles, cargo and personal security, and radio frequency identification products for various purposes including automatic meter reading, electronic toll collection and homeland security applications.


Mobile computing platforms, designed for integration into fleet management and mobile workforce management solutions. Such solutions facilitate mobile workforce productivity, enable corporate efficiency, and enhance customer service.


OfficeCore provides location based software solutions for managing and tracking mobile employees and fleet. The application OfficeTrack performs cellular and GPS based tracking and location of mobile handsets and vehicle units.


Optibus’ technology help public transit operators to optimize fleets and crew


PickPack is a crowd based technology that allows same-day local and intercity deliveries. PickPack's platform is implemented by an advanced algorithm that optimizes deliveries in real-time: more deliveries in less time and resources.

Pointer Telocation

SaaS technology for the Fleet, Automotive, Insurance, Cargo and Public Safety industries.


Quicargo is a mobile-based platform, offering a user-friendly application, which connects carriers who have unused loading space to shippers who need immediate transportation of their goods.

Roseman Engineering Ltd.

Roseman Fueling Simplicity, designs and manufactures computerized refueling and Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) systems. The company is focused on providing complete solutions for automatic refueling and operational data collection for vehicle fleets.


Same-Way is a new system and application for ride-sharing, freight-sharing and fleet management which will provide real-time, location based transportation and freight sharing opportunities, and fleet management capabilities


Space-Seat is a mobile app that provides a solution for smart distribution of passengers in public transportation carriages (trains, trams or buses), thus improving both the commuter's experience and the service provider's efficiency. The solution includes real time monitoring of occupancy within each carriage, while delivering the data to the passenger through the application in order to provide a more comfortable and pleasant journey.


Spetrotec specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced Automatic Vehicle Location Systems (AVL) and automobile security systems.

Starcom Systems

Starcom Systems specializing in automated systems for remote tracking, monitoring and management of fleets of vehicles. The company provides complete solutions for real-time GPS fleet management and vehicle security applications, personal tracking, merchandise tracking, containers tracking and management and an online application.


An e-hailing system that integrates into your current dispatch algorithms, analyze supply and demand and optimize the drivers' decisions making process while increasing their profits. On the fleet level, it will increase efficiency and reduce average customer waiting time by bringing drivers closer to customers at any moment.

Taxi Ride Sharing
Fleets with 7-10 passenger vehicles operating dynamic routes are the future of transit. Get started now with our routing software! 
Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services are the most effective form of public transport, combining the low operational costs of buses and the dynamic, on demand, routing of taxis. We provide the technology apps with your company name and logo, and cloud based server side software while you own and operate the service, in your local area, under your own brand name.
Track Tech

TrackTec develop range of tracking and driver diagnostic solutions, fleet management applications and flexible AVL configurability combine to create the most complete and comprehensive presentation


Provider of web-based MRM (Mobile Resources Management) fleet-management that provide significant fuel savings, Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) improvement and improve aggressive driver behavior and safety events. Traffilog's solutions are based on proprietary technology that combines vehicle and driver diagnostics, providing drivers and fleet managers with personalized real-time alerts and periodic reports that ultimately improve driving behavior and vehicle mechanical maintenance

Trucknet Enterprise

TruckNet is a cloud based system for sharing empty space on any form of professional transportation, to optimize financial income and environmental impact. Optimizing cargo and transportation will limit carbon impact and accidents.

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