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Aeromaoz's main product lines are ruggedized HMI and control systems, illuminated panels, and light solutions, supporting aviation, ground and naval environments.


BreezoMeter utilizes big data infrastructure to continuously gather air quality and weather measurements from thousands of sources. The gathered data is processed through unique algorithms to provide accurate air quality information right down to street level. BreezoMeter also provides personalized tailor made, easy to follow, health solutions for adults and children, athletes, people with health sensitivities and others. All in real time, based on air quality levels.

CTI Creative

Research activities in the fields of Aerospace/ Aeronautics and in Alternative Energies / Hybrid Propulsion of aircraft and ground vehicles


Hynrid hydrolic tech


Levgum has developed a leading rubber devulcanization technology, turning rubber recycling into a commercially viable, environmentally clean enterprise.


print branding, theming and decorative super-sized objects Massivit 3D’s machine utilize several techniques, such as printing the ‘shell’ only, with Smart Supports which are based on its unique material properties and unique algorithms, , developed to provide the appropriate properties demanded for the creation of advertising, theming & decorative objects.


Menolinx's LampID platform, a control, communication and management system focused on indoor and outdoor lighting, is the culmination of numerous joint effort projects with world class leaders in the fields of lighting, photometry, RF, Power Line Communication, Mesh networking and energy management.

NewByte Flight Dynamics

NewByte Flight Dynamics develops flight simulation tools for the PC platform. Based on this know-how, NewByte Flight Dynamics developed miniature Inertial Measurement Unit that provides accurate and reliable attitude measurements using technologies developed for the smartphone market.

Redler Computers

Redler Computers develops and manufactures electronic systems. The company specializes in designing and developing software and hardware for robotics, medical systems, control systems and computer-embedded circuits based on micro-controllers and DSPs.


develops catalyst- and sorbent-based materials and products, new materials (polymers, carbons and ceramics) and military and aerospace components.

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