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We collect and analyze in real-time raw signals from multiple smartphone sensors in order to determine and predict the user mobility status (driving, walking, parking, shopping, @home, @work, etc..)

CellOPark Technologies

Mobile-based system which provides parking solutions


Algorithms, models and formulas from mechanical and transportation engineering we detect available parking space in urban area and closed parking lots. using electronic signboard and mobile application (optional), we can guide the driver to available parking space

Just Park It

Just Park It allows parking spot owners to rent their parking spot when not in use, by the hour (occasional basis) and locate a parking spot for the drivers that are looking for a legal parking spot.

Lidror BioPark

BioPark parking solution, which stops forgery and abuse of disabled parking permits, based on a fingerprint identification.


provider of smart mobile parking solutions both for on-street and off-street parking, and interactive parking information.


We provide auction-based system for off-street parking spots, that enables parking managers to increase their revenue by increasing the demand for parking spots.


ParkGenie provides a parking space reservation and custody (spot blocking) solution. Using mobile application for parking reservation, a central server for management and billing.


ParkLife Provides a solution for building dynamic navigation path that will streamline your search and bring parking closest to the driver's destination at the lowest price.


Parko is developing a crowdsourced solution for parking, providing comprehensive parking availability information for any area, at any hour of the day.


Parx provides parking payment solutions to municipalities and parking operators across the world.

Pink Park

Pink Park has developed an innovative tool for motorists seeking parking in the city and parking spot owners looking to rent their parking space

RePark Social Parking

RePark is an application-based service that connects parking seekers with parking space owners. The service has a control and supervision system which at any given moment checks the number of available parking spaces, directs the drivers to them in real-time and enables you to rent out your parking space safely


marketpalce for private car parking spaces using in real-time when a parking space is empty without requiring any device installation in or near the empty space.


Spaceek is developing a mobile application which uses wireless Micro Parking Sensors to monitor and gather real-time data of parking space occupancy. Spaceek utilizes a design which removes the need for a costly network infrastructure and enables accurate micro positioning.

sPARK Parking Technologies

Polly will find you that big city parking spot. Whether on the street or in a parking lot, it will always save you time, money and unnecessary frustration. When Polly’s app is on, parking dreams come true.

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